Can't remake the company I had before taking a break

Came back to the game after taking a break for a year. I had a company with my brother that we are no longer in, and I cannot remake it. I’m very certain that no one has either of the ways I’ve tried spelling it, but I still can’t remake it. Is there anything that can be done?

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I would like to ask if what you are looking for is to use the same name of your old company or if you need certain restoration of the company.
You can let me know wich is the name of the company and the server to start looking into it.

I’ll be around Adventurer!

Greetings friend! Thank you taking the time to address my issue. I’m on the Valhalla server and the company name I am trying to make again is Mauer N’ Mauer

Hello. Was just wondering if you had any updates for me?

Hey @eisen.mauer

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I was searching for this company but it looks like there is no register of it. Can you elaborate more the situation you are facing with remaking the company?
You can press K and from the company tab you can create a new one with this name. Do you have any error message when you try to create the company?

Let me know as much details as you consider neccesary!

When I log in each day, I try to create the company. I type the desired name, “Mauer N’ Mauer” into the company name block and everyday it tells me that company name is already taken

Hey @eisen.mauer

Thank you for the information normally the company names have a 90 days cooldown to be released even if the company was deleted.
Can this be your case since the company Governor will be jumping to the rest of the members and possibly it was deleted less than 90 days ago.

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It was definitely more than 90 days. My brother and I had made the company when we first started playing at the games release last year. When we switched from green to yellow to play with a friend, we dissolved the company. For a while, my brother and I played together with our friend and some others in a completely different company. Eventually, we stopped playing the game altogether. Now that we are back playing again, we have returned to green and would really like to have our company again. Thanks again for all your help

Hey @eisen.mauer

Apologize about this inconvenience I can not find any register with that name and this seems to be very specific issue my best advice will be to scalate this situatiation with a web ticket for it to be properly investigated.
Also I would like to ask for the name of the company leader so you can use the post as reference.

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