Cant see /buy bundles of marks of fortune in Russia?

Cant see /buy bundles of marks of fortune . i am currently located in Russia and my steam wallet has rubles . So i just wanted to know if i am not allowed to get marks cause of current world situation or is it something with my steam overlay ? ( i 've bought marks before - but it was long ago , a returned player for FSS ) .

I do believe mtx is disabled for Russia and Belarus at the moment.

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You mean the comedian Zelensky? He’s not that old. :joy:

first of all who told u i am from this state , i said i am located there only , 2nd of all u sound a bit like a raging self righteous twitter warrior to me .

Thanks , was just unable to find any info on that , thought maybe a steam overlay issue .

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It’s pretty hidden. I’m kinda surprised Steam doesn’t inform you more.


Ye , not surprised , it was a lot of problems gaming wise on most platforms . Thanks again for the info :slight_smile:

You always welcome, glory to Ukraine :blush:

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