Can't see the Wheel of Time rewards

I got all the other stream/twitch rewards with no problems, but even though I claimed them, I can’t see the WOT rewards.

Is there a known bug ?

Thank you.

Hello @Korrigan,

I’m sorry you are not able to find Wheel of Times rewards.

Unfortunately some players are having issues with the same, however our team is aware of this and I will forward your details to them as well.

Meanwhile can you please check the below troubleshooting steps and see if there is any change.

Firstly verify the game files on steam - Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Once this is done kindly shut down the game and restart it after 30 minutes to see if the issue is resolved.

If the issue still persists reply back to this post so I can further escalate it.

Have a good rest of your day.



I’ll even turn off the computer for 1 hour now.
I’ll come back to you after that.


Still nothing.

As you can see, my accounts are linked :

And I never got a problem getting my rewards up to the Royal Fisher. The WoT rewards simply don’t appear in my skins in game.

Still nothing after another night with the computer completely turned off.

Hi @Korrigan,

Thank you for following the previous steps and thank you for the information!

I will escalate this case with the information provided to investigate in the possible about why your are not receiving the rewards. As soon as i get more information I will update your post.

For the escalation, can you please help me with your character name and World/server?

As you showed me, the accounts are successfully linked, however, while we investigate, as a walk around please un-link the accounts and then link them back (this process helps to update the accounts information and get the rewards).

Link/Unlink your Steam account.

Link your Twitch account.

Unlink your Twitch account.

I’ll look forward to your reply!


I’m going to try the whole unlink/link think, I just hope I won’t lose more stuff in the process…

I can’t send you my character name via private message, that’s annoying.


Thank you for trying that! Please let me know if that helps.

If you rather to send me your Character name and World/Server through PM i will activate direct messages for you. Please try again!

Take care!

I’ve sent you my character info via PM.

There’s still nothing after unlinking/relinking every account though.

As you can see here, I had no problems getting the “Royal Fisher Coat”, which was the previous Twitch drop for New World :

Thank you @Korrigan!

I received the information! Thank you for trying the unlink/link back process.

I’ve escalated the case to investigate this issue and make sure that the specialist team is working to fix this. When we get more information about this I’ll make sure to let you know.

Take care! :sparkles:

Hi @Korrigan,

Just in case our team still taking a look into the case, however, i wanted to update you with the following steps to activate the Twitch drops, just to make sure that you have done those.

Please check to see if you have successfully done these steps:

To get to the drops, please make sure that the Twitch Drops are activated on New World/ Twitch Drops .
To do this, please carry out the following steps:

After that, you will see the screen with the linked accounts and a confirmation message:

If you already have these done, you can try by unlinking and link back.

Please let me know how it goes.

Thank you! Take care.

Thank you, I did that again.

And now it worked…

Is there any reason why this could have been deactivated ? Because as I told you, I got all the other Twitch drops with no problems at all. I don’t understand since I didn’t change anything in the last few months.

I am glad to hear that you received the drops now, greaat!

Actually there is no a real reason about why it happened but our team is reviewing this inconvenience to completely fix it so it doesn’t affect our players in the future.

Have a wonderful rest of your day! Take care :smiley_cat: