Can't Sell on Trading Post, Says Storage is FULL

Server: Castle of Steel
Faction: Mauraders
Character: Torgral

All day yesterday during the patch and into this morning, I can not sell any items in the Trading Post. This is extremely frustrating as I am a governor in a large company and constantly and buying and selling items as well as needing to play my game on a personal level. When I try to post an item in the trading post the game states, “Storage is FULL” and will not let me post. I have paid all of my taxes in game and I have ample storage space in all my storage as well as my cities with my three houses. I need to be able to participate in the economy or else my gold production portion of the game is non existent. Please help.

Same problem.
Connected this afternoon, tried to sell some stuff but got a message “storage full” but it isn’t the case.
My house taxes are paid and none of my storages are full, nor my inventory.
It is very frustrating.
Can we get some infos about that problem ?

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