Can't Sell/Trade - Settlement Storage full (Not )

So im trying to sell items, in different cities, and it doesn’t allow me to list items, because “Settlement Storage” is full, even when im in cities where i dont have anything in storage lol what is this new thing to limit players to sell less items ? just dropped some weapons in dungeon i want to sell

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Happening to me i tryed removing storage and putting it back but no joy. Restarted the game and Everything.

Appreciate the heads up! This is a current known issue and something the team is looking into. We apologize for the headache it causes!

There is a workaround. This seems to be related to chests in housing. If you go to a settlement where storage is not over the base, you can list the items there.

More info: I have a house in Ebonscale with 3 chests, but not much in storage there (~800 lbs), and I could list items in that location. I could also list them in Brimstone where I have neither house nor chests nor anything in the storage unit.

Doesnt work even if im in city with 0 in storage or 0 houses

Hopefully soon

yes:) soon…

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