Cant Skin Bronzescale Terrawolf

Character XRana
Server: Duguang
Cant skin Bronzescale Terrawolf for faction mission have to abandon it when I get it.

This is one of the elemental enemies we disabled gathering for: [Notice] Update 1.1 Stability Issues - #2 by NW_Mugsy

Is it going to be re-enabled anytime soon though? its a big hit to one of the only solo areas where you can increase watermark in shattered mountain unless I’m mistaken about that working. plus affecting multiple quests.

*Also speeds up leveling logging just a bit which is atrociously boring. At least for some (me) but I want it leveled for engineering mats.

Yeah im sure most players are aware of it, but if you disabled the gathering? Why does it still shows the option to gather them? To me it sounds like a fast-fix made in a kinda poor way :frowning:

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