Can't solo - Defeat Well Guardian Quest

I achieved level 60 by crafting and doing town quests, but now that I am doing main quests, I can’t solo this quest. Is this supposed to be a group quest because one hit my health bar does down like 65%.

Anyone had problems soloing this quest?

Been stuck on this quests for a few weeks now. No one to group up with so I’ve hit a dead end. Just wish they would remove the door so others can join.

Just did it today. Has Like 99 % less hitpoints compared to few Weeks ago. Dies after few Hits.

Have fun.

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Excellent. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow.

Okay will give this another try. Thanks for the tip.

It has gone down to a nice spot for killing now i think Also can recommend some blight gear to put a few more seconds in that blight countdown.

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