Cant transfer 2 different characters? same cd?

I had a friend tell me today he cant transfer his main character because he moved his alt 9 days ago. Why are these cd’s account wide? For him the characters were on totally different servers not going or coming from the same server so why would these 2 characters share a transfer cd?

I was thinking of transferring my 2 toons but for me I want my main to go to my alts server and move my alt to a random different server, but to my understanding if I move my alt, I wont be able to move my main. If my company moves server to where my alt is, I am forced to play my alt until the company leaves the server? because if I want to get my main there I would just have to transfer my alt off and not play with them for 30 days until the cd is up. I want to give AGS more money to put my characters on the servers I want to play on but is this an oversight in some way or is this really intended?

Hi @HollowGloom,

I understand and my apologies for the confusion. Even if the characters are on totally different servers as the character transfer can be to a different server or a different region the character transfer process is wide to the account to avoid any type of abuse of that.

Here you can read all the info about character transfer and tokens:

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Could you please consider giving the option to swap 2 characters to each others servers, I don’t mind paying for the double transfer and I am not trying to abuse a system, I just want my main character to be able to move to Valhalla and my alt to be able to swap to Orofena where my main is. With your current system I cant get my main to Valhalla unless I stop playing on Valhalla for 30 days by moving my alt off of it, it doesn’t make sense that I would have to not play with my company for a month just to get the character I want to play on the right server. @Firus