Character: Baker Eric
Server: Pepys

Problem: Can’t transfer to another to play with my friend due to the game telling me I have active Trading Post sales/orders.
Facts: I have NOTHING in active BUY or SELL orders. I only have things in Completed / Expired orders. I am not in a Company, nor have I ever been so far since I was waiting to transfer to the same server with my friends.

Bug: Unable to resolve any completed/expired sales due to the fact that they stay there forever even if you have nothing that matches to previouse sale in your inventory or storage. I have literally thrown everything away that matches any of my previous sales to make sure it’s not something related to that. That still doesn’t fix the problem.
It is very obvious to me that there’s a system on the game servers that is corrupted in regards to sales with my character.

I hope I can be reimbursed ALL my items and gold that I have now lost trying to solve your mess.

I also hope that the server where all my friends have already transferred isn’t going to get full before you resolve this issue, or I will be back at the same spot, not being able to play with friends.

Please REPLY with detailed information what is going on.

Best Regards,
Baker Eric on Pepys (atm)


uh huh

Such BS, one thing after another with the game so far. Missed the first server transfer and now i cant transfer because it says i have active sell/buy orders…I DO NOT. SOLUTION!!!

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