Cant transfter servers tried so many times wont work

I have account on Castle Of Steel Trying to transfer to Valhalla and its just now working. It wont let me purchase a transfer token.

Hope you’re doing great and welcome to the forum @asmolin006 !

I’m sincerely sorry you were not able to purchase the transfer ticket, this is not the experience we want you to have.

Let me know what happens when you try to purchase it?

Escalating this type of issues over our website helps us tracking this kind of problems so we can locate the root cause and fix this situation, so if this issue persists don’t doubt contacting us!

Hope it’s helpful and that you have a wonderful day!

i didnt have my steam overlay on i got it thank you

Hey @asmolin006 awesome to hear it’s solved!

Hope to see you back on Aeternum soon!

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