Can't write certain Letters in the Company Message of the day

Hey guys, When you go to write in the Message of the Day in the Company. If you press any hot keys such as L O M for example. It takes you to that option, So if in the message I press M it opens the map. O opens socials for example. I guess this isnt intended!

I had a workaround on this; Just copypaste from notepad. Keep in mind you can only copy/paste max three words at a time due to the anti-spam system. It’s a bit of work, but at least you can post your Message of the Day.

Thankyou, although I am trying to put a discord link and it won’t let me, saying it is a bad word lol

Same here. Thanks for the workaround

Yeah, links aren’t allowed. Another part of the anti-spam system. What you can do is just copy the code itself from the URL and post that, that’s what I did. Most people can figure it out from then if you just say “Discord: [code]”

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