Cantahar Server Chaos

We have a guild on or server that transferred a very large organized guild group from WOW to our server.

They had many people rushing to 60 and taking the whole map early on. I play Marauders and the dominant faction is Covenant.

Due to the large numbers and organization of the controlling faction, 3 (maybe 4) of the Marauder companies controlling territories colluded with each other to transfer the entire companies off the server entirely.

The thing is when they left they literally screwed everyone over 10 time worse. Instead of transferring city ownership to other companies, they left with 1-2 people still in those guild and holding those few territories that Marauders held. They have not paid upkeep and I suspect that they just have left one person behind to soak up all the tax money and then transfer it to the new server.

SO now out of 4 territories owned by Marauders, 2 of them are behind on upkeep and another being run by basically one guy has 2 months taxes paid in advance and then I think he plans to just take whatever taxes are collected during that time and vacate the server.

This is really just screwing up gameplay on the server.

These empty companies should not be able to just sit on cities like this and basically hand them over to the dominate faction. Its total garbage and affecting my gameplay every day as travel as very expensive, taxes are high (the single guy holding Ebonscale set all taxes to ultra high).

They are literally just milking everyone on the server for all our gold and taking it to another server.

I don’t really have too many suggestions to fix this, but this is just wrong. The remaining Marauders are steadfast and determined to end the reign of the controlling group of companies (its all actually one company still), but how can we do that when all the cities are delinquent and everything is costing us ridiculous amounts of gold and time?

The only thing I can think of is set some sort of minimum company membership (maybe 25-50 players) for territory ownership to avoid this situation from happening. If a company doesn’t meet minimum requirements, the territory should flip to unclaimed so everyone has a fair shot at it. It’s not right to have to deal with this crap in a game. it cost ridiculous amount of Azoth to fast travel. You cant transfer anything because upkeep is delinquent through the entire faction. I have to give my taxes to the dominant guild/company because you would go broke trying to craft or own a home in one of the vacated cities.

These people are exploiting all of us and destroying the server for everyone else and it needs to stop. those cities should be seized, along with all the recent tax money and returned to an unclaimed state. Measures should be put in place to prevent exploitations of the player base like this in the future.

oh and server transfers should’ve been limited to servers with active queue times. Server transfers are what enabled all this nonsense. these people should have had to start over if they wanted to play on a different server.

That being the case, shouldn’t it be trivial to flip those territories, steamroll those few players in a war, then take the territories away from them?


How come this isn’t the obvious answer?

If it’s only a few left why isn’t it simple to take it?

Gregg, I have no idea. :man_shrugging:

This is clearly the remedy, but this does not solve the eventuality of single faction servers. I play on a server where my faction (Cov) only holds first light. Most Cov have faction changed to get more advantage from being on a larger faction. Others are leaving the server. It’s made gameplay very unbalanced.

I think the answer there is twofold: first, population balancing (not rigid, but perhaps a 40% cap on a faction’s server pop representation) needs to be more firm and second, if in fact the population is close to balanced and the other two factions can’t figure out how to coordinate and go after multiple territories simultaneously against the dominant faction then maybe that faction should dominate the map.

Apparently you cant read. The controlling faction is my faction. They screws us all. We had 4 territories. Syndicate had one and the rest was covenant. 3 of the marauder territories were abandoned.

We can’t wage war on our own faction.

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Seriously – All control over Settlements should be completely removed from players.
This is just one reason.
And AGS handing out free Transfers is just enabling this. I bet if they hadn’t given out free Transfers, players wouldn’t be so quick to do this.

Fine coordinate with the other factions and let them know the settlements are unguarded.

umm because they’re the same faction?

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Yes, and I glossed over that the first time…and then went to…


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Then don’t defend it when someone attacks, not that difficult.

Go one step further - invite the other factions to flip it after making sure they know the owning company is down to a skeleton crew that’s apparently just milking the last few coins out of it before they leave.

and you’re missing the point entirely… there’s no mechanic to deal with these types if you’re in the same company or faction… no civil unrest, a vote, a way to block them etc… nothing. just not defending isn’t really a solution. even if they wanted to defend it, they can’t, because they have no control over the warboard.

Well just an update on this. Not only did they take 2-3 abandoned cities last week, but they also steamrolled the one legit city we had left and they took the syndicate city.

They now control the entire board except for reekwater which is delinquent on taxes and abandoned.

The worse part is, they are not keeps Ng things upgraded because everyone jumped ship and the population is low. As far as I can tell, we don’t even have a T5 loom anymore.

What a joke.

Cantahar is done. Can’t even play anymore if you’re not yellow. Stupid game design enabled this.

Wars should be between companies, not factions.

Forgot to mention. We couldn’t even fill a war party to defend it. The war was about 2 mins long. There were level 30s on the front lines.

Apparently noone in mauraders actually believes in the honor and glory part.

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