Capture the flag PVP

Use parts of the existing open world map, with capture the flag points.

Could use anywhere including towns.

OPR map is a tad stale.


CTF just takes a little cooperation in server.

There’s technically a lot of little modes we can do in open pvp if people could cooperate for a little bit. CTF, Escort, Search N Destroy, Mock War, Cat & Mouse, Player Chess, Tag, ect. It doesn’t have to be an official mode, the community as a whole in the servers can do it.

Opr has a long way to go before it’s more than what it is.


Yep, anything would be good in a different map.


All of those modes sound fun. I wish there was a way to implement them.


Really good idea!

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Your idea, (along with @Zentaragi) suggestion, has been passed along to our Developer team.

I keep imagining de_dust with the same bomb defuse objectives but new world weapons and combat……

I feel that would be fun as hell.

Tbh is start to be a little embarrassing that this is a triple AAA MMO with only a BG. They can just use the same map. Put a Flag in each base and deactivate the points capturing. Make the flag visible on the map when is taken. And you are done.

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