Card Game Mechanic in Tavern like Tarock or Gwent

collectible card games

We can play Player vs Player , Player vs AI

also we can buy card decks from store ( pay to win :smiley: )

Oceanhorn 2 - Tarock
The Witcher - Gwent
The Elder Scrolls - Legends

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First of all you need NPC’s in the game that are not involved in Quests. The game doesn’t feel alive, the taverns should be bustling, NPC’s walking from town to town transporting goods, all sorts. But yes, activities you could do in a Tavern would be nice, like they added the ability to play instruments, but you can do it anywhere, should of have a band stand in Taverns and one around the town somewhere… just more evidence of ideas without any thought process.


you are right :pleading_face: i dont feel alive game . there is no npc walking around in open world . all standing dead NPCs.

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Yes we play NW couse we failed to install gwent…

. :smile: