Carriages between the towns

As the title says, carriages between towns that’s paid with gold. Aka system like in Skyrim.
The price would depend on your current weight and length between the destinations, not a fast travel system, but just speeds up the travel time between point A to B.

Maybe even add ambushes so that people wouldn’t go afk during the ride, pve/pvp ambush.
PVP would be kinda hard to implement, but i think pve is doable.


Rickshaws is a suggestion I made in another post since we can’t have beasts of burden.

I love this idea! Logistics is a nightmare (in a good way but still).

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But not for single player, so that there would be a cooldown or make players wait for it to comeback.

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No I’m imagining carts or rickshaws on a set schedule. I like this idea haha.

Yeah, that’s what i mean lmao

english is too hard hhhh

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