Carrot on a stick!

Whilst AGS likely want to keep some secrets for later in the game, players will require some kind or roadmap.


Many people cannot see an end to so many broken systems, lack of solid content etc.

I’m not necessarily talking about a roadmap with set times, because we all know in an mmo, timescales are difficult to stick to, unless you under promise, however, a list of items that amazon intent to fix ( I’m talking flawed systems, economy, imbalance etc), intent to change, how they plan on changing it, what content they are adding (asides from the 6 dungeons) and any other things they are looking at in next 6 months.

This may keep people around long enough or at least give people that have already quit a reason to come back.

Amazon, you need to be decisive and make decisions quickly and more importantly, give your player base a carrot on a stick! And don’t be afraid to change flawed systems…

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