Cash shop change?

This whole thing sounds like it a way to sell gear score bumps in the cash shop. Why else should they only give u one easy guaranteed water mark once a week what a joke!!! But for 19.99 you can buy 5 gypsum lmao :rofl: now I don’t know if this is true but it’s the only thing I got to why they would do this now lmao this will kill the game

It would actually save the game.

As of now there is no additional money coming in to pay for the Devs salaries.

Cash shop with boosters will. 100 cashed up Casuals will replace anyone that leaves when this goes Free To Play.

I’m all for cash shops but not as paid to win. Sorry not sorry.

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Games dying with every single update. The Devs are given SO MUCH feedback but they ignore it and do exactly the opposite of what their players want. its dropped gradually at a rate of 10% to upto 30% a week. from a peek of 900k to 131k this week on a friday.

The cash shop isn’t the part that makes their players angry. Its how they degate everything their players have worked for to get that 600gs item.

That is right. The current game design actually promotes player loss, an in particular cashed up casual players.

This is why they need to make this change. Its one of the steps towards Free To Play with a cash shop.

That’s not my point, I like cash shops. What I was wondering is if this change is away to force players to spend money because I would rather pay a monthly charge and have a great game then them trying to figure out how to make even more money breaking the game so they can sell something no one wants. No one want paid to win! If u do go play a game on your phone

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