Caslte of Steel - A server ran by a single company

its a spectrum.

not everyone wants to be number 1 worlds best goat.

some people want to get better and do better but not put in the ridiculous amount of effort and time and money investment in PC hardware and time spent studying every single follicle on the foreskin of this game.


Going to 40v40 is accepting defeat.

With wars now instanced there should be no server impact or performance impact.

Well just have to see.

One of the issues with this imo is that theres people who have game knowledge, game time, funds, skills, gears, experience and squads they play with regularly.

Now theres a new person wanting to get into pvp and they have to go against all odds to get their foot in against the people who have been playing the game for 2000 hours. Basically shit on repeatedly till they can fit in to the above group.

Competitive or not, its not that simple.

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Not necessary. Actually might be useful for big companies, with 100 players they can fight in 2 wars if they have high activity, cuz we all know will never be online really all members.

Also if would be 5+ wars in a day, that’s 400 unique players. I doubt will ever be all 11 wars in the same day, or if it will happen with be in rare cases.

I’m not for 40 vs 40, but I mentioned it in case they will complain about lag or whatever excuse for 50 vs 50. I’d rather go 40 vs 40 but on fixed hour time, than keeping our current situation with alt companies everywhere.

The two are mutually exclusive of each other completely, no need to try and lump them into the same basket.

Don’t worry, dev solutions are coming but as usual with AGS they are short-sighted and ultimately useless because even shell companies are just a symptom of an older and larger issue. And AGS keeps using band aids instead of trying to fix underlying causeS – yes, more than one underlying issue. A mess of issues adding to each other since launch.

This is just one example of an underlying issue. Simply crying to AGS to stop the shell companies is simply telling AGS to focus on band aids that probably won’t work in the long run.
And squeaky wheel gets the oil, so AGS is working on just a symptom.

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That’s why I say I agree.

As of 7am this morning, this should no longer be a huge argument because BiS is much easier to acquire. The excuse has been minimized but not mitigated.

Let’s, “get better,” gear.


This amounts to the exclusivity of wars. The only defense I have is that my company is too small.

I agree, we do need to get better and there’s ways to get better.

A company that has been slotted for 6 months is of course going to be massively more refined and seasoned than another company regardless of gear.

Even if my companies mainball had 3 perk BiS we cannot even come close to their coordination and would probably still lose to their alts.

It’s not one thing, it’s many. The massive income solidifies their experience and skill as a group while experience solidifies their gear gap they’ll never lose with the current system.

It’s like telling a dude that just started lifting to get stronger because he’s too weak when the power lifter has all the heavy weights.

It’s possible, it definitely is. But why should it be like this?

This is a video game dude.

There should never be this big of a disparity for building and, “getting better.”

Ranked war queue for everyone’s company can be the ultimate savior.

Can’t get better when those same 50 fight in every war ever and small people can’t even get into a war.

Cope more with excuses for the disparity in balance of the system. It’s a damn video game my man.

The climb is too steep and the playerbase will continue to decline.

I’d love to make the climb but some of us are built different. There’s a reason I’ll never join a top company and there’s a reason 99% of the playerbase quit. It is not casual friendly.

If you want the game to live longer then identify the issue and stop saying, “cope.”

Most people do decide to cope; by uninstalling. If that’s what you want, keep your toxic mentality.

Remember, it’s a video game dude, not an ego competition.


Too bad AGS can’t afford to ban.

I don’t think making wars inclusive would help all that much. Wars that aren’t extremely tryhardy are no different from OPR, and i honest to god do not think casual players will love it as much as you might think. Something needs to be added though, but a lazy fix to handicap top players won’t benefit the game. Sure, newer players who want to be tryhardy need more casual wars to get the experience, but i dont believe the people who arent trying their best to get in wars right now will stick around for vod reviews and improvement. AGS needs to add better PVP content for casual players aside from war

can’t get better when we can’t even war.


My company did a vod review every single war we were in. These server migraters came in and ravaged our chances for wars. we were getting better, we were reviewing vods, we were getting experience, we were building up.

We WERE getting better. Now we’re stalled out while they make 2m a week on WW and get wars every 3 days. :+1:

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you can still push and have tough wars, even if it’s too intense to be as helpful as it should be it’s still useful.

cant even get the deck to get into the war to get better.


there are ways to get into wars but it requires soo much ass kissing im getting flashback from corporate.

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That’s why shell companies are bitched about. there’s normally 4/5 shell companies pushing so our 1 company has significantly less chances to get a dec.

Cope with your excuses for the terrible balance in the system

screaming cope like all you entitled PvPers is a pretty good way to feel ontop of a conversation without actually bringing any evidence to a debate. I think it's working and I'll use it more often.

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then push on shells as well? is getting more influence based on how much effort you put in a terrible balance? lmao

Prim on Wiily’s stream:

“We have 150 people ready to push whenever and get any declare we want”


??? what

The original system was meant for one declare per body of people and with significant effort can double your chances.

the bonus on a declare is at 30%

if it was 10% per push then you wouldn’t see shell companies. They bypass the system by making shell companies.

thats more effort?

thats gaming the system mate.

an exploitation of the influence cap system.

it doesnt matter if everyone does it. or anyone can do it.

it doesnt make it right or fair to anyone.

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influence push in itself is fucking stupid but saying it’s “bad balance” for people to get a declare chance corresponding to their push amount is strange

AGS’ opinion is not law in a discussion about the system itself