Cast distance and retrieval time

Shouldn’t a short cast correlate to short retrieval time in fishing?
It doesn’t seem like it does, it seems like its the same amount of fight, or possibly an easier retrieval the longer you cast.

A longer cast gives better tension. There’s also perks relating to tension.

I’ve noticed my toughest fights come from the better fish. It’s not only more rare to hook a higher rarity fish: it’s also harder to real them in. If you’re looking for better fish, you want the maximum cast possible so the tension helps you out. If you’re losing fish after a tough fight… there’s a good chance you’d be bummed to see what it was. You can usually tell if you look at the fish under the water, and the splash effect as you reel in looks different, too.

There’s a weird imbalance in reel speed, but the type of fish makes a difference, too.

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