Castle of Steel locked.. when can my company be together again?

We recently made the decision to switch our company over to Castle of Steel. The night before it locked, myself and a few others made the transfer no problem. The next morning when everyone woke up to transfer, it was locked.

Is there any time line for the server to unlock again? While I understand you want to keep servers balanced, gate keeping people from playing the game the way they want to play is only hurting your product. We all came back to the game this past week to find a populated server with good competition only for us to be split again. Any word or insight as to how long CoS will stay locked?

Hello @303Apples I hope you’re doing great!

I apologize for this situation with the server being locked just after switching to that server therefore some of your peers from your company were not able to join. This is not the experience we want our players to have.

Unfortunately we do not handle that information directly so we don’t know exact dates, this is just a way to make sure everyone on that server has a good experience. Hope as of now it has been resolved, let me know if the issue persists?

Please if you encounter any other issue or problem don’t doubt escalating them through the website.

I hope it helps and see you soon in Aeternum!

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