Casual PVP Collapsing

Transferred servers to a more populated one a few months back. Apparently it’s still the 4th most populated server on US West. Been in que for outpost rush for 40 minutes with only 13 people waiting with me at 7:30pm server time. It’s just so frustrating how easy this problem would be to fix. Easiest way would be to reduce the players needed to start the match. I don’t even care if it’s a 5v5. I just want to play a structured pvp mode. If this is such an issue on my server, I can’t imagine what most people must be dealing with. AGS should pause all content release until the population issue is solved. The first round of server merges was clearly not enough. Crossrealm OPR would be a solution as well. This game was created to have a heavy focus on pvp. What happened? Wars are fun, but infrequent.

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