Catch up mechanics

Dear AGS, we need catch up mechanics for all this players that stop playing since realease. I have few friends but i don’t even bother to ask them to try game since they won’t be able to play all games modes. Expertise system is preventing players to come back to the game.

So if you wan’t to keep it in game, consider some changes:

A. Add 590+ pvp gear to faction shop
B. Drop expertise based on GS downscaling so ppl can buy from market good 590+
C. Based on amount of time user didnt play game, add expertise bump modifier. Like now its: 2-5 range. Make it (2-5)*modifier. Modifier should be bigger longer player didnt log in into the game with some max value.

Yesterday sm1 did post on reddit. With new character 1-60 and bump expertise to 600 on average took him 111h and it was person knowing how to min max in game since it was alt account.

111h is to much to ask players that would like to come back.


I like the idea of buffing gypsum drops in general, not just as a catch up.

good post though.

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Do you really want’s to force a lot of people to stop playing the game? How do you see that catch up? We invested so many months of hard game to achieve something what had value and now do you want to give it for every new players or the one who left instantly without any effort? So all i did, all i achieved was for nothing? Was better to don’t play the game, wait a bit and get it for free? This is how i lost a few friends already when they changed the amount of recieved shards…

I don’t like this idea. Why new player should be equal with the old instantly, why only because he is new, he need to skip all the content and become on the same lvl? I don’t understand it, like i need those “new players” so badly. No i don’t need and if they wants to play the game, just they need to play the game it’s an MMORPG so its all about character improvments, progression, getting new items and new, work hard to become the best and strong.

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What you invested? Sry you think about game like on investmnet since you are mistaken. And game is dead bc there is no way to get back to it after longer break.

So devs have to chose:

  • do we care about this 120-150k players left where only like 10-25% will cry “we invested”
  • or do we have about this other 15mln that left and we try to bring them back?

I have 1.8k in game and i didnt invested a dime. I play since its fun when its fun. When i want invest i check my broker for good stocks or crypto exchange if btc price is good. But i dont check NW lol.

My time bro, my time and this nobody will give me back.


Dont play games if you expect to make something on this. Its not a good investment. In fact its not an investment at all. Since on investment you expect to make a profit. If time is investment here, what is the chance you can get invested time back + some more time? None. What is the chance you can profit some $? None. So its not an investment.

Seems like you don’t understand the idea of MMORPG and grind, farm for items. I want the items to be hard to get and give me satisfaction while having them, be happy each time i am using them. If i want to play the game where items and time putted in to getting them doesn’t matter i can play leage of legends or counter strike. So don’t turn mmorpg in to something similar, because it’s not fair. If the game was like this from the start i wudn’t play it. But it was different so i played, got things and now you come to change it? Ruin my gameplay?

PS. Bruh who speks about real money? From where did you got it?


Where in my post i said “devs give BIS items to players coming back”? I didnt. So no idea what is your issue. You think that person that spent 30k on market can get items you have? Then you didnt play well. Or like items we have in faction shop scalled up to 590-600 will be as good as one you have? Well you didnt well playing game then.

Catching someone up doesnt mean you are giving them named drops. Getting them to a point of the game being playable for them is the goal.

Your trophies and gear are safe.


I think the reality is, without the influx of new players i think it might actually be a good thing to implement some kind of catch up mechanic. Or perhaps a mentoring system to allow higher level characters help lower ones catch up more quickly.

At least at the rate of the town boards. (this currently takes a lot of gold and is just running back and forth, but it’s the fastest way, and also the most boring thing in the game)

What if we could move that level of progress into the gameplay with your friends that are already here?

Maybe a potion that grants additional XP while partied up, or some sort of thing.

When it comes to PVP. I DO think that the pvp sets in the faction shops need some serious updating. That would benefit everyone. Even if they put them in as 589 so that shards couldn’t upgrade them.

Otherwise they could perhaps use salt as a currency to allow purchases of different tiers of gear as you progress through the PVP track, maybe not as good as the RNG ones but something to get you started.

We can’t simply just repeat the same tired “Well, back in my day i had to walk up the hill in the snow both ways” arguement about any changes that might be good for new players.

They must attract new players, and give them incentives to even want to get to max level, as currently we do not have that :c

you know what we’ll get instead of catchup mechanics?

I’d bet it starts with an N and ends with “erfs”

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I dont think there is a big player base that can buy a new game. I think bigger is one that already have a game. WE can assume some of this players are around lvl 40, and others are 60 but around 520-540 expertise.

In OPR last night, I came across an old player who stopped playing with the introduction of the expertise system. I could one shot him with one ability (powder burn). The game is NOT fun for new or returning players. I rather have more players to play against even if they have an easier time collecting gear/leveling up than I did.

People need to be able to get to 600 expertise relatively quickly, and they need to be able to get okay pvp gear in a straightforward way.


We told the devs this exact thing would occur and they wonder why nobody comes back.

Anyone returning faces a ridiculous grind to EVEN BE AS GOOD AS THEY WERE BEFORE that patch.

They left as a capable PvP build and came back nerfed. If they bought any new equipment to make a viable gear set in the current build, they’re nerfed even harder because they probably were not at 600 GS in all slots back then. (jewelry was a pain for almost everyone to get above 550)


I think it should take like 20 to 30 hrs to get to level 60, and another 10-20 hours to get to 600 expertise. I would add a level 60 quest line that takes the player all over the high end zones and high end dungeons, and at the end of the quest line they are 580 expertise, so they only have to grind a few world tours/dungeons. The world tours in new world are some of the worst gameplay I have ever experienced in a video game, and AGS should not force people to do dozens of hours of them. It probably does more harm than good in regards to player retention.

Crafting needs to be more rewarding for the solo player. Maybe more recipes that craft bind of pick up gear or allow crafters to craft 1 BoP item per week that allows them to pick the attributes and 2 perks.


Your alternative is the game hemorrhaging players all the way to fucking 0 by end of year, then your “hard work” will really mean shit.

AGS needs to be bringing old players back or bringing new ones in double time or its game over (literally)

People like that don’t care about the game. They only care about their own virtual power against other players. Game be damned for all they’re concerned.

But hey since these are the people AGS cater to the most. New World is blacklisted for many MMO fans and gamers alike. Because let’s face it, New World is more boring and grindier, than a single A Korean Gotcha Grinder.

They have to simply eliminate the experience system, it has no justification and improve the threshold system, which rewards you for playing, in any instance and not just for making corrupt dungeons.

This is the classic no sense reason from selfish hardcore players, I don’t give a s if new players can reach us in 1 month instead of 3 months, the game is dying and the new players will see the gypsum system is bad right now and will stop playing, will see that they can’t make money so can’t make bis equip ect ect ect. Old players who quitted will never come back and that’s a BIG PROBLEM. We accepted gypsum system only because it was new so we all started from zero, TOGETHER, apparance is important in a mmorpg. Exemple is I will never create another character, and not only me.
so yeah these changes are very important and ags should concider them.

Thats like 3 weeks for the average gamer :skull: is that really too long? Lol