Catching bots maybe coins for bots caught?

is there a chance at getting coin for catching bots.
i have bin a farmer for my 400+ hours so i know most of the runs but they are ran but bots 24-7
i have reported them months ago but still see them running around (seems like a waste of time to report them) but if there are coins to be made i will farm them :stuck_out_tongue:
ps i reported 14 of them today alone.

Hello @carniberi welcome to our community!

At this moment, there is no โ€œrewardโ€ for reporting accounts and there is no intention to make it a future feature.

We highly appreciate the reports and just a reminder that all the reports are reviewed manually, some of them could take more time.

Beside this, you are able to submit this as feedback by using the feedback option in game.
In order to know how to access the Feedback section please refer:

Submit Feedback - Support | Amazon Games

Stay safe :shield: :crossed_swords: !

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