Causal Wars/Invasions, sooner rather than later!

Per the recent developer video it was mentioned that there are plans for more casual versions of wars in invasions. It was also mentioned that there was no timeframe associated with this type of content. I think it would be wise to move up the timeline on this as it would be a great way of increasing player retention and allow for more in game content without actually having to add that much actual content (art, maps, etc) if that makes sense.

If at the endgame players could do OPR, casual wars, or casual invasions via a queue, that would be awesome! Besides open world pvp and OPR adding these two game modes people could participate in for practice at any time would be awesome!

What do you guys think?

If you make Wars something you queue for without tying it to Settlements, then no one’s going to bother flipping Settlements anymore. It’s easier to just queue for PvP fun rather than deal with tedious exploits just trying to get a legit war. E.g.,Celadon/US West, Company creating alts in other factions to manipulate war with Kick/Bans
On some servers, exploiters are basically blocking everyone’s ability to War and take their Settlement. There’s no War going on just straight up win trading / match fixing.

So player control over Settlements needs to also go. Solves so many issues and ends so many exploits to remove player influence over Settlements.

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