Cc immunity desperately needed

I really think that a 1-2 second cc immunity after bieng stunned is seriously needed in pvp. Even with a full freedom build you can be stun locked forever untill your dead. This is a serious design floor and its exploited massively. There is nothing fun about bieng stun locked with no way to escape

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there is this amazing thing called shiftkey, ik, i was stoked about learning about it aswell

It’s been asked for since the start of the game.

Best they done was something that’s not even noticeable.


You must be faster than the cc

Freedom doesn’t even helps with stuns, because of the design of stun. It’s removed after taking a hit. You get rid of chain stuns, stun is basically the most useless cc in the game. I think there should be diminishing returns on stuns, but to just give stun immunity after getting stunned would not only remove alot of lockdown the game seriously needs, but remove the viability of many builds.