CC meta is frankly boring

Fighting people who have no ability to kill without their CC abilities

grav well, ice shower, leaping strike into bash into whatever further CC, blunderbuss doing whatvere it does

It’s just boring. With the amount of consumables and healing in this game the only thing that matters is burst damage. So you only end up fighting cooldowns and CC. Fire mage and bow user can trade ranged attacks all day. Oh you got to low health? Run away and use consumables. Nobody dies.

Literally have 3-5 kids on each team in OPR sniffing bushes waiting for leaping strike to come off cooldown.

I enjoyed this game for a long time. But I’m really losing faith that the devs have any ability to improve the game.

How can things that are so unfun to fight remain in the game for so long?

I’m just discouraged and not having as much fun lately on live.

I’ve made other posts about my thoughts on the PTR and I’m having a hard time believing it will improve combat. I’m sticking around and waiting and hoping it does. Otherwise I don’t see any reason to continue with this game :frowning:

Makes me sad this game had/has a lot of potential and the #1 thing holding it back seems to be development choices.

Hard to stomach

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