Cedar Forest (US East) under maintenance?

Cedar Forest (US East) server went down for maintenance around 9:50pm on 11/14/2021. Does anyone know why? or when it’ll be back up?


Same for Pluto. Literally 1 second before we were about to win OPR.

How stupid.

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Same for Valhalla, right before an OPR win :frowning:

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message says see forum for info and there is nothing good job AGS!


Was there like a 30 min message or 15 mins message saying they was taking the server down?

I agree, why say come to the forums if there is not a post about the restart.

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Trash devs nothing more to say :sleeping:

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I came here for details about the maintenance, searching every nook and cranny to find they say nothing.


No, it just lagged out for most and kicked everyone out. i don’t think it was a “planned” outage.

Cedar Forest Back up.

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