Celadon/US West, Company creating alts in other factions to manipulate war with Kick/Bans


It has come to our attention that war is being manipulated by a Sydicate company on our server. They are creating alt characters on our server to push conflict in territories and declare. They did this because of a split war that they could not defend. so instead of losing it they created a fake Marauder company to push it into conflict and declare in the early AM when nobody was on.

Here is a streamable.com clip from a twitch user on the Syndacite company in question. In this clip you will hear,
-discussion of kick/bans
-hesitation to go through with it, they knew what they were doing was wrong
-admission of faction and war manipulation effecting fairness of the game

what it comes down to is, the most dominate company on our server, who owned every territory, got scared because we had a strategy that was going to be effective. you cannot change wartimes multiple times in a period so this was their only way to combat this strategy. at least in their eyes.

here is a photo of a global chat where the offender discusses cheating

here they reason the offense by saying the alt they created to manipulate paid for the fake war.

Any other Celadon players, please share your experience with our server.

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New World’s innovative player-controlled Settlement system lets players war… with themselves! Where else can you PvP without actually fighting other players? Push a territory into conflict doing PvE things like chop trees, then show up in a staring contest with your alt and collect fat rewards!

@Lane @Zin_Ramu Player controlled Settlements was a nice experiment but it’s obviously failed. It’s overdue to remove all player control over Settlements.


Companies have been doing this for ages. If AGS wanted to do something about this they would’ve done it a long time ago. I’d be guessing this “issue” is very low on their priority list. It works as intended in a game with a player driven economy and war system.

Same with taxes - it would’ve been clear as a day to anyone that companies would be setting extortionate taxes, earning millions and completely breaking the game’s economy by being able to own biggest houses, fill them with best trophies, empty the market of all the goods using the infinite money and craft BiS gear as they please but hey, looks good, deploy it!


I dont think this is true, otherwise I’d be able to create an alternate character on the same server as my main without buying a new account, right? Seems AGS has been trying to prevent this issue from the get-go, in my view.

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If this is happening, I hope for perma-bans for all involved.


Ban them all, this is rediculas


@Shadow_Fox Please help us.


My company mates and I attempted to participate in this war. The strategy was simple: push multiple territories with the same war times into conflict at the same time, forcing the defending company to defend two territories simultaneously.

It’s widely known that large companies that control many territories will create “shell companies” with only a few players in order to maintain disparate war times. This allows a Company with fewer than 100 players to only have to defend one territory at a time.

In this case, when they realized what was going on, they used their alt accounts to create a company in an opposing faction, push their own territory into conflict and declare war. They manipulated the signups by repeatedly removing, kicking, or banning the attacking team from the war until after the war had begun, effectively removing their own competition. Loading times, errors, removal from the war, and simple frustration ultimately prevented the attacking team from being able to compete in the war, thus maintaining the territory for the defending team.

This is exploitive behavior, it is the very definition of griefing, and is a direct violation of the AGS TOS. The rapid removal of large numbers of people almost instantly may be a script or other exploit, especially up to and after the war had already begun.

This should be dealt with harshly. In a game that is already having difficulty maintain population due to other issues, actions like this serve to further drive players from the game, and an apathetic response from AGS will have significant repercussions.

This needs to be investigated. AGS needs to identify the main characters of these alt characters, and their companies, and administer swift and absolute punishment. These players and their alts should be permanently banned from New World at the very least. Their companies and their shell companies should forfeit their territories due to the fact that they are exploiting the company and war system in the first place, and due to the fact that they are complicit in the intentional and willful griefing of other players by using an exploit to declare war on their own territory, and prevent the attacking faction from being able to participate.

There is no excuse for this behavior, there is no excuse to allow it to continue, and there is no excuse for it to go unpunished.



When people respond to something in this way, I feel that they must be part of the problem and fear losing their “edge”.


Not just taxes are involved. In order to just sit in town and craft trophies and gear, they need bots to go out and actually harvest the mats, then buy them up and craft. Otherwise where are they getting the mats?
So it’s all types of different exploits and cheats working together.


I 100% agree. This should not be allowed. This action was premeditated and not some sort of “off the cuff” reaction to being mad or something. They knew what they were doing and didn’t care about anything but themselves “winning.”

Even if the individuals involved moved to another server, it should follow them. They will just do it at another time also. This is not the type of players this game needs. It is already kinda in trouble as it is. This will pull more people away while keeping the toxic individuals.


Isn’t this “pay2win”? If they paid for alt accounts to then push their own territory so others can’t declare it or attack it, so they win that war by default, then it’s pay2win. NW actually has a lot of pay2win mechanics, like all the crafting time gates, you do cooldowns on multiple alts and funnel them all back to the main.

Anyway this stuff shouldn’t happen, but AGS won’t do anything about it as it’s getting them more accounts and propping up their player counts. You can’t ban an account just for logging in to the game from the same IP as another account because there could be valid reasons. But as normal, every pvp focused company has alts in other factions already just to see war boards and stuff like that.


I would have to agree it is a “pay2win” tactic. While AGS may just brush this off like they have in so many cases, it is an issue and I feel it should be addressed. It is a flaw in their system that people are abusing, much like an exploit, that was not intended. It should be dealt with harshly to stop this behavior. Bring things like this is important so they can be dealt with or, at least, considered for the future.

There are gamers like us that want this game to succeed and bring this to their attention while there are gamers like them that want to abuse everything they can to “win” no matter what it does to the game and community.

AGS should support gamers that care imo.


this is a whole different matter to some of the toxic sniping going on on other server.
the whole story is just SAD but you wanted to hear about it, so listen.
remember first light? basically purple decided to throw it to green, ppl on the regular war roster agreed to not sign up. shit i dont think theres even more than 20 ppl IN THAT WAR on the purple side defending in that war correct?
so they were gonna throw reek to you guys again(they literally pushed it themselves and not plan on defending it) but after some thoughts they decided thats just too pathetic, so they aborted the original plan. plus instead of defending on the purple side, some of them actually switched to green to even the fight a little in monarch bluff but failed no matter.(ask ketipunero see if it checks out)
so maybe instead of being mad at nothing(because its not a snipe at all meaning yall didnt even push it and toss coins into declaring it, plus no one good is on the attacking side and no one is even organizing the attack). sad truth is if they can simply cancel the war they would, but its just how its gonna be done. would it matter if y’all didnt get kicked instead you get spawn camped? it just saves time for both side.
get good dude…im not even mocking. you guys need to try harder.

maybe instead of shittalking to the guys switched to green to actually help you not sabotaging you…you play more and get better? ppl that were actually in at least one war will know purple dont need to snipe shit to help defend…
dont make this drama sadder than it already is. end of the story. im out.



i saw many ppl typing here and finally give up dude…
its really easy to check out the story if you are anywhere near the war roster on green…
its always the fresh newbies whos loud. no one cares dude.

Yeah, unfortunately, not surprising. They need to try and justify their bad behavior. This individual just shows the toxic people on that server and how morally corrupt they really are.


Lmao “fear losing” just STFU if u dont know what happend. Those shitty green and yelow have never been to more than 5 wars and say they gonna win the wars? What we originally is giving lands to one of our ally in another faction but plan was just changed before the war. Our ally push the terriroty 100% on their own and of cos they have rights to choose to have that land or not. Why u guys know nothing and try to teach ppl how to play this game? Who do u think u are?

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So what you are saying is people are actually buying extra copies of the game, leveling toons to 60 & warring on the opposite side to throw the war?