Central EU Hades queue

Hello, i’ve been playing on the server Hades Central EU since release of the game, i had to queue all mornings at the first days of the game to play on the server so when i cameback i didnt have to wait 8 hours to play the game. Now after the transfer tool i cant even play on my server and have to do the same to enjoy the game? I dont know why there was not a control of ppl transfers, like a lock amount of players transfering to the same server or something that didnt make this happen, i think it was obvious that this will happen eventually in atleast one server. My question is, if this persists for a while whats the solution for this problem? Im not going to wait hours to play every single day in the server i chose since the start just because the managment of the transfers was not pretty good. Thank you for understanding, hope you can do something about it, have a nice day!

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