Certain graphical element destroying FPS and crash game

I have a shitty PC but I just want to highlight what I have noticed to utterly destroy FPS until game crashes (about 10s)

The frozen ground effect that some boss monsters drop, the trail of ice as they walk literally makes my PC lock up after FPS tanks to 0, within 10 seconds guaranteed everytime, believe this to be a super poorly optimised effect, and likely any similar effect using similar design element will have this issue, it may go unnoticed on higher end PCs but generally worth fixing for the overall performance of the game.

Just want to note that I had this happen in town as well as a character ran by me, soon as he came on screen FPS went to 0, couldnt tell you what part of his gear it was but he had a faint blue smoke effect coming off something he had equipped/skinned

Hello @Urizen,

I’m sorry your having FPS issues due to the specification of your PC and also due to some graphical elements in-game.

I would certainly take this as a feedback and forward your concern and the information provided in detail to the Devs team.

If not already, i would suggest you to tweak your PC so that it can be played smoothly based on your PC configuration

Here is the link below for you to optimize your PC to correct fit the game kindly follow the troubleshooting steps in the link and see if there is any change.


I hope this information helps!

Take care and Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:


Thanks for your response

I am well studied on ways to improve my fps, ultimately the PC is under specced, my poor performance is not a concern in this case as it is self inflicted, however I just wanted to highlight the 2 things I’ve noticed that are orders of magnitude higher GPU demand than anything else in the game so far, the optimisation of these particular elements likely has an impact in large scale fights, probably unnoticed by most but it all adds up!

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Hi @Urizen,

I completely understand your concern and i have forwarded the same to the team as a feedback, thank you so much for contributing and sharing your in sight on the same we really appreciate it, if you have any other suggestions in the future feel free to post those as well,

Happy Holidays! :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:

Update on this, it is the Slimey enemy mod thats causing it

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