Chain damage not working

Chain damage perk not activating on multiple target. Only procs on the main target. :frowning:


Hi there, DrLegendz. What is your character name and server name?

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He’s right - chain damage is broken right now. It’s acting like attunement and only impacting (1) one target instead of multiple target. There’s no bounce animation and also no damage transferring to extra targets. Please fix because it’s a HUGE nerf to chain on all weapons. I tested with 2 different void gauntlets and neither of them bounced to extra targets. My friend tried with his great axe and noticed the same thing.

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Same here, I have FS/IG/VG with chain damage as the 3rd perk and it doesn’t proc

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Hi @Centeotl, character name is DrLegendz, server name is Ygg.

I will say that it procs sometimes (about 15%) of the time. I have not tested this but it seems to only proc off ability damage and not regular attacks (including the 2 sec cooldown)

Again, I have not tested what seems to be proccing it, but it definitely is not working as it was prior to the patch.

it’s not working, done a war tonight and it didn’t proc, we could be damaged by trading post disabled aswell. this game looks broken this way…

fix chain! you can see it in warcamp on dummies it is not working anymore.

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indeed doesn’t work on dummies anymore, but i had it proc many times.

so i did some testing

my results:

  • doesn’t work on dummies, bc dummies stand to far away, chain only work within 3 to 4 meters now. So Range has been nerfed.

  • also i noticed, that when you have two targets, the chain doesn’t bounce back anymore, used to hit the initial target twice in such scenarios.

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is it a shadow nerf again?

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Also even the chain effect hits, it does not trigger runeglass damage like “Electrified Gems”.
It says “Hits inflict Surge, dealing 8% lightning damage per second for 2s” so I guess it should work on all kinds of hits, not just light and heavy attacks.

That is a good dev question. My understanding is that the chain does not get the damage buffs from rune glass or the damage extra damage off attunement, crit, etc.

The chain doesn’t trigger that but it is actually not working or just nerfed to the ground :smiley:

You’re reading this incorrectly. The HIT is the light attack, heavy attack or ability attack. These trigger the Attunement, Runelgass Gem, Keenly effects, Chain etc. If a triggered effect, could trigger other triggered effects, Chain abilities would be completely broken.

Can we get an update on why is not working as before and if this was intentional? I didn’t see anything on the patch notes.


it’s working, just slightly different than before

Slightly? Are you joking?

Nerfed the range at 3m atm, limit the procs and a friend dm me yesterday it doesn’t refresh the heartgem. This is a massive nerf.

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it never used to charge heartgem before last patch anyway, so that’s not an argument