Challeging the Dysnasty Shipyard at level 34

My friend and I were playing together, we are at differents levels, our levels are as following, healer level 60, tank level 32, musketier level 34(me) and a hatchet player level 46. Our friend level 60 were showing us around the higher level dungeons, the first one we went was the tempet’s heart, we were dying of hit kill obviously, than we went to the dysnasty shipyard, at first we were just dying, like hit kill, than we started to kill the mobs one by one, our healer was doing the heavy job of taking the mobs, and killing than, but we helped from time to time, like staling the other mobs and even giving some damage to than, from afar, when we got to the first maiden, that was a mightmare, but so fun, like so fun, we were dying of laughing, the hole time, we somehow manage to kill the first maiden and the other 3 mobs after staling the maiden away from the other mobs as the healer kill the mobs, we dying so many times doing this. Right we got to the first boss, Comander Chen, oh boy, that was a fun shit, we somehow manage to stall the boss and one maiden, than the healer and the me were hitting hard on one of the maidens, the tank and the hatchen player were staling the boss and the other maiden on the caves at the entrance, super far away, than we separete the boss from the second maiden and killed her the same way, but this time we killed her on the caves, as the boss went back to his spawn place, than we lured the boss to our spawn point, than we started to kill him there, at this point i achived the 50 deatsh achivement. we killed him, than got to the point of protecting the barrels, the healer lured all the mobs away, then i planted the barrel, the healer went back got all the mobs away and we kind of protect the barrels, it was more a lure away the mobs near the barrels, we did the same things on the other boat. than we got the the isabella, and we realized that was the end of our journey, before we had unlimited deaths, but on isabella we didnt, so we just gave up, but we got the chests all around before isabella, it took us over 2 hours doing all of that, but it was worth it every minute, it was a real chalange, the comander chen took us 30 minutes on it alone, it was so much fun, i posted some print screen of our fight agains isabella, at this point on time the tank went to bed already.

i just wanted to share this little experence with the community, we can do soo much in this game that is unbeliveble, but so much worth it.

Server South America Atlantis, Nick: Caliell


I wouldn’t have the patience to do that.

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