Champion's Jewelry should drop w/ different attributes to provide build variety

Tired of seeing the exact same item every single time. You could easily fix this and the other problem of it being CON and not usable for some glass cannon builds by at least changing the attribute of it. Why would I want 8 of the same untradeable item? I can barely fit any more con into my build without my attributes looking ugly as hell.

Yea, it would be nice to be able to change the attributes on the named pvp items. Some builds require you to have <50 con.

lol… That’s the 1 piece I keep grinding for :frowning: My 2 buddies I play with the most, all have the Ammy but not the Earring! Sucks man that’s the great and powerful RNGeesus at work! o_0? If I could I would gladly trade the duplicate Earring and Rings that keep popping up :frowning:

Funny, I’ve gotten only Amulets and Earrings, and the only piece I actually want is the Ring.

Yes different options than con would be great. This is good stuff but I cant wear full con. I would never do damage.

Absolutely would love an option to change the attribute one time just like how faction gear works.