Chance for new servers WITH TRANSFERS DISABLED?

Is there anything known about possibility of new servers with disabled transfers (for 6 months at least)? If there’s no rollback (it seems so) I honestly doubt I’ll be able to keep playing. The only hope left for me is a fresh start on a new server.

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What is keeping you from playing?

I would like some new servers aswell, the current ones are either doomed with the gold bug/exploit, or you’re getting screwed by max lvls. Aint fun if you couldnt start at the release and joined later.

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You haven’t heard about gold duping exploit? I haven’t witness effects personally on my own server so far, but I doubt it’s some kind of great hoax and hundreds of people are lying (and AGS basically confirmed it). With server transfers on even if my server were somehow untouched somehow, exploiters (or luckers) could show up here anytime.

I’m level 60 with plenty of progress and I wouldn’t hesitate to reroll on a fresh no-transfers server. Between invincibility exploit and bugged respawns, the gold dupe abuse, and now the company I was in and the town it owned being auctioned off to some random before the leadership transferred off the server, I lost all interest in playing the game.

Chances are it was affected, but it’s not like the people abusing the exploit will advertise themselves in general chat. The integrity of the gameplay is crucial in a multiplayer game and last week has irreparably ruined that integrity for New World.

i would instantly join any new server.
i even don’t mind losing all the progress i already made within 200h playtime… so annoyed am i by all the streamer plagued servers.

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Indeed, most servers are infested with Streamers thinking they could do anything without rules or consequences.

Also a lot of servers are claimed by communities from the same country, thinking they own global for their language / country.

My first attempt I joined a full russian server, had to reroll > Abaton
Second attempt I joined a new server that got locked the day after and died > Ravenspurn
Third chance was an older server that seems to be dominated by 2 streaming guilds owning the place > Taksa…

So now im either stucked on a server with toxic players, or ruined places thanks to the exploits.

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