Change Blunderbuss to Strike damage

I understand why it’s thrust, but Dex isn’t even a scaling attribute.

Plus, a 5.56 rifle will thrust into you. For sure. Thrusts pierce, I get it.

A 12 ga. Shotgun will definitely STRIKE you.

It makes sense from a realism standpoint AND in a game sense.

100 strength buffing strike damage should carry over to BlunderBuss as well.


Ever thought of giving individual damage types side effects?

Slash: Bonus damage per piece of Light armor

Strike: Bonus damageper piece of Heavy Armor

Thrust: Bonus damage per piece of Medium Armor

Fire: Bonus damage per piece of Light Armor

Ice: Bonus damage per piece of Heavy Armor

Void: Bonus Damage based on Physical Resists.

Nature: Bonus Damage based on Equipload. Heavy being the most, Light being less damage.

Arcane: Bonus damage based on equipload, Heavy being the least, Light being the most.


So basically you want a damage buff. Isn’t that why it was nerfed though? Insane 100-0 bursts?

I mean… It wasn’t necessarily for a buff to BB I don’t use. It’s just irritated the shit out of me that a strength Intel weapon does Dex Intel damage.

I can see what you’re saying though. An oversight.

Spear is thrust and that’s Dex/Str to be fair.

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But it’s a Dex primary weapon.

I agree, I thought the whole point of a weapon scaling to a certain attribute was to actually unlock nodes you can use for it. Atm the bb being thrust (while not being a dex weapon) is the same as using a Hammer and expecting the dex nodes to benefit it.

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Sword is str primary but has a thrust heavy and 2 thrust damage skills.

maybe because it secondarily scales with dex?

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Hatchet secondarily scales with Dex and has no thrust attacks at all. Could it be that stats only loosely attached to damage type🤨? Lol.

Personally, I think it should have bonus damage on strength primary scaling weapons. That’s it. Lol

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The secondary stat doesn’t mean it has to have attack types of it. The whole point is bb is str/int nowhere does thrust damage make any sense besides the second node in dex. If they had to nerf the overall damage to make it work instead with strength nodes that would make more sense.

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I think that one of the reasons that the damage was so high in the first place was probably because the weapon didn’t work with a lot of the str nodes.

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That’s a pretty good estimation. I could see that…

They should’ve just made it strike damage. Shotguns always pack a punch anyway.

Still, basing it off primary and secondary scaling would be better imo.

If it’s strength Intel, 100 strength gives it 10% bonus damage and 100 Intel gives it 5% so if you spec into both stats you get 15% bonus damage.

This would shake balance in damage on some weapons but makes a lot more sense.

Hi IDarkStar, appreciate you sharing your thoughts here you’ve got some cool ideas. I’d love to see more player feedback on this subject so we can really understand how everyone feels. I’ll get this sent up the chain so the Dev team can read through as well. Have a great weekend!

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While you’re here. Can you make sure the devs know WE NEED 595-600 CRAFTING IN PTR?


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please? lol

Pretty please?

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