Change claim teritory

As you know now you need 100k just to buy firat teritory and its a poo poo mexhanic
1- your company supose to push influrense
2- declare invasion
3 - win invasion-- teritory become yours, lose invasion, well good luck next rime.


he doesnt like the idea of paying 100k for territory from grey, even though tbh its just a tipping off point and it won’t matter in like a week

this is such a minor inconvenience for so few people… and it won’t be an issue going forward unless they release more servers so why bother changing it. there are more important things to worry about.

also it would take like a month or at least a few weeks before someone will win an invasion most likely

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Just how much money do you think a brand new territory is going to make in a week?

enough to buy another one

at the start of the game? very very little.

we own mourningdale on a fresh start server. I cant tell you the amount on our next payout atm because servers are down, but after the first idk 12-24 hours it was almost nothing, like maybe 100g or something because the town isn’t upgraded and thats a big part of how the payouts are calculated now.

btw im not sure why you quoted me as saying “thats a tipping off point” which means starting point

(and i meant a starting point for the server)

but you’re asking a pretty unrelated question

you’d be incorrect, if you own WW or EF tbh you’re likely to get influence pushed and declared on extremely quickly. and payouts are based on “town level” which has to do with how upgraded your town is.

and i believe payouts only happen like once a week so theres a good chance you dont even get this small payout

I doubt it honestly.

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im pretty sure the 100k mechanic is in place to cause a delay on the map. Players need time to establish themselves, and companies need time to organize. It would be chaos, and absolutely stupid to have no barrier to entry to claiming territories

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