Change faction cooldown?

So i have a suggestion, could we get 1 faction reset?
We have server instant transfers so doesn’t make sense that we can’t have a faction token option to change or implemented when we switch servers. Another option is reducing the faction cooldown 60 to 30 or 60 to 15
the situation on the servers changes very quickly and a lot of people leave. and those who find themselves having changed sides recently must wait a long time before they can make the change. the scenario leads you to leave the game because for example, within two days my faction has become made up of a few players due to transfers to other servers, and now being able to do anything is impossible. having a different cooldown the factions would be more balanced, so it does not create a situation of discomfort for the players.
it’s been months since the game was released. and administrators should listen more to users and facilitate these practices. because so much waiting time does nothing but keep the players away …

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There’s been several threads on this. Surprised it hasn’t been addressed by now. That cooldown needs to come down to 30 days. Servers change too often to force someone to stick by a faction for 60 days. We’ve come down from 6 months. It needs to come down to 30 days now. There it can stay.

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UP up

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