Change how factions work

The faction change cooldown timer is way too long. How can you be stuck with the same faction for 60 days??? Stagnation is death. The longer someone is in a faction they’re unhappy with or being in the current faction stops them from playing how they’d like to play the closer they are to quitting the game.

I understand why factions exist. They create an better open world pvp experience. When it works and there is Open world PvP, its great. When it doesn’t work, it keeps people from playing with each other and furthers server faction imbalance.

So why a cooldown? We’ll I can understand maybe, at most, a week cooldown for faction changes. After that its completely excessive. What are you preventing from having the faction cooldown so long? Hint: PvP, Competition; A lively server.

Please, with the addition of paid server transfer there should also be faction reset upon transfer and a much shorter cooldown afterwards. Lastly, if the faction cooldown were to be shorten then faction rep should not be reset. Logically it makes sense you have to earn reputation after switching, but please make this a better/faster process.

Alternatively you could play with the idea of just getting rid of factions or at least allow factions to infight. Not an unpopular idea but would change a large part of the game.


No a cooldown is needed. But 60 days way too long. Maybe should be 1 mongh (30 days)

I have made a comment about this. The lockout should be 72 hours. Limiting players to a faction for so long, prevents players from finding other potential homes on another factions. Instead they may get bored and leave.

The servers are now large, so we need to make sure that in terms of guild options there is a lot of efficiency. I talked about this before on the forums but basically people need lots of options of their related group.

For example, if one person is goth, or lgbq, or so on they should have multiple guilds that accept them and find common interests. When they are unable to find guilds that accept them and are capable of doing their form of content, you get stagnation and bored players which ultimately leads to guilds becoming a megaguild and controlling everyone.

Any game in this state is on its deathbed. This is a state which after almost 25 years of experience, i can tel you, we have no idea how to reverse it. Iv had conversations about this with other top designers in the industry and none of us know how to revert this state and we all recognize it as “life support” for a game. Myself and greg believe that potentially limiting guild population could be the starting point to fix it.

In the end

In the end, allowing low cd to faction transfers will boost over all stability of the game, distribution of players on factions and over all server health. This can also be boosted by providing the right bonus’s to “underdog” factions. bonus’s like 200% faster influence push, or 75% Reduction in war costs.

There is probably economic or trolling concerns with it.

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