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NW was designed to be a game with “souls like” combat, with few skills and more focused on movement, unique mechanics of each weapon and stamina management.

However, several of these points were left out of the final game, such as stamina consumption when attacking, running, parrying, etc.

This lack of mechanics, together with the low amount of skills (3 per weapon), makes the combat (which has a lot of potential) monotonous and very based on light attack spam. Therefore, the easiest solution would be to allow one more skill per weapon (totaling 8).

This change would not only bring more dynamics to combat, it would also bring more diversity. Because today, because we have few skills, we always take those from the “”“meta”"", that is, basically all with the same build. Bringing one more skill per weapon, we can see incredible combinations emerging.

another possible change, but this one would require a much deeper reformulation, would really be going back with the idea of ​​Souls like combat, so I think the first suggestion is more viable.

Obviously, with the implementation of one more skill, maybe we should increase the maximum level of weapons (from 20 to 23-25).

What do you think?

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I have a lot of thought on this and I’ll try to keep it to a minimum (unless NW asks me for more details).

First and foremost, I’d like to see the combat be overhauled. I like the idea of adding 1 more ability. But my biggest issue is movement. The movement is so limited and clunky to me. I’d like the ability for the character to turn around and run towards me when I hit ‘S’ (full run speed) rather than just the useless back pedal that just gets you killed.

I think there’s way too much in this game that stops/slows your movement. Any time you engage in combat you’re brought to a “walk”. It is really bad to me. That’s one of the things that frustrates me the most. Why would I want to walk with a spear in my hand while fighting? I want to be moving around, dodging the inevitable Great Axe I’m going up against.

I’m not talking about the dodging mechanics or even the stamina bar. I just mean general movement. It just feels so clunky/limited. I’d like my character to be more “athletic” (especially in light gear). Changing direction is very awkward. I’d really like to see the movement be opened up. And in the other hand, I’d like to see movement be more restrictive for heavy armor wearers.

One proposed change I’d really like to mention is… instead of allowing 4 skills, why not allow us to use both weapon slots for 1 weapon?

What I mean is, instead of Spear/Rapier, why can’t I just go Spear/Spear and have all 6 abilities (3 in each build) open to me? I think this wouldn’t even require much from the developers end. I’d be satisfied with equipping a 2nd spear (would want diff perks anyway most likely), and simply having to swap like normal to each spear build.

I also prefer just having 1 weapon in general though. At first I thought it was cool to have a secondary weapon because of all the build possibilities. But the game just cookie cut everything anyway and you can only use certain builds for the most part.

Spear/SS should be an obvious good build (and …it CAN be), but because SS doesn’t offer much in WAR… it’s frowned upon so you need to go spear/wh, spear/ga for the most part. Spear/Rapier seems to finally be more accepted but they still want either /wh or /ga in wars.

I could go on with more ideas for combat for this game but I’m gonna cut myself off from here for now. I’ve posted more before but most of it doesn’t seem to really be getting attention.

I like the idea of ​​implementing movement, I agree that it would bring more dynamics to the game. About using two the same weapons, it can be something interesting, you just have to be careful not to return that “bug” when you keep changing weapons to cancel the animation and hit much faster.

However, I still prefer to be different weapons and allow one more skill, this greatly increases the possibilities of builds

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I like the idea of different weapons as well but I think we need some serious balancing done to truly take advantage of the possibilities. We need enough balancing to where people aren’t looking for 1-2 specific builds for wars.

yes, balancing has been a serious issue these days. I hope these ptr changes (although I think they could be bigger) will have a positive impact on the game

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If you don’t recall, people were allowed to use 2 of the same weapons on release, but unintended things were happening so AGS removed that option.

I’m actually against having all 6 abilities available because I think part of the skill gap in PvP is weapon switching.

I agree the movement feels clunky.

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I agree that it is part of the essence of the game the “weapons switching”, so I still prefer to add just one more skill in each weapon.

But being able to equip 2 of the same weapon wouldn’t effect that. Since, the skill involved with weapon switching would be the same. I’d just be switching to the same weapon with a different skill set. This wouldn’t take away from skill of switching weapons at all.

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