Change in potion usage animation (quality of life)

Several times your character is prevented from using a potion simply because he is interrupted by enemy blows.

This can be corrected in three ways:

  1. Add grit to the animation

  2. Add immunity to cc during animation

  3. remove the Animation

I think option two would be the most suitable, but either option would be great.

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Sooooo lets play this out in a hypothetical scenario.

Grit requires you to stand still, you’re drinking a pot which means you’re almost dead. Now even though you have grit you’re standing and getting hit while you’re already low on health where people have abilities that do more dmg to people with grit. Soooo youre dead still right.

The way it is is completely fine. You should be able to stop someone from drinking a pot. Most attacks dont stun or stager in the first place so you’re still able to drink the pot without interuption in most cases.

It just seems you’re getting yourself in situations where you’re going to die either way.

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It doesn’t have to be “grit” per se, it’s a way to simplify a specific immunity to Stagger, but whatever.

This is actually a more obvious problem for us who play war competitively, as we always need to spam our potions (HP, cleanse, Regen, Mana).

In micro pvp, actually the current way is ok, but when we scale it up, it becomes a pretty big problem.

Also, I disagree with your comment

Several times in the war you are “saved” by a clenase, or a well used hp pot, after all, you just need to hold on until your healler’s skill comes kkk.

I fully understand competitive play. I use d class weapons and still dont have that issue where stuns and knocks are an issue. I typically die or cant use pots when i over extend myself. In wars i agree to an extent but its large scale pvp i dont think it would make a difference if you’re dotted up you’ll probably end up dying anyway if your healers are smacked. But opr, 3v3, open world ive never felt like i needed a immune crutch to get me through the situation

I disagree with these solutions. There are circumstances in which you are not CC’d and yet there appears to be a 3 second delay of spamming that button (you see it flashing) before it actually takes effect. Fix this delay and I’m happy.

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I agree with you, it does happen, but I’ve always associated it with satgger for taking multiple hits at the same time.

Is there any other scenario where this happens?

And it should be like this. You should not be able to heal using potion when enemy is chopping your characer with axe.

But this causes the pot efficiency to be reduced. Because we use hp potions when we are taking a lot of hits, that is, it ends up losing meaning.

I agree that we have to have a way to cancel the use of pot, so I think option two would be a good way. You would have more success using potions, but you could still be interrupted by a stun.

If you take pot when you take hits you are doing it wrong. This game still has some pieces of souls combat where you had to plan ahead.

In a small scale pvp scenario this applies. However, as I mentioned above, this is more evident in wars, in larger scale pvp.

Potions like regen, mana and cleanse, you can use before taking damage without problem. However, the HP, you have to use it after taking a considerable amount of damage, even to optimize its use.

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