Change lore mistake/ tip for when mounts arrive

Hello, we know we are getting mounts eventually, its all but confirmed.
May i just beg you please dont make they complicated, simple summon mounts and DO NOT take up bag space, do not punish collectors please, dont make me use the same mount over and over because collecting mounts means i cant collect anything else.

As for the lore mistake, its about that no beasts can be domesticated, like horses etc.
Not sure how this was overlooked, but it makes no sense at all, when in game we have domesticated, cows, dogs and rainbow lions, so i recomend changing that.


Where did you read about mounts being implemented somewhen?

there are some speculations that gonna be mounts in the game, but they want to give then a meaning and an objective higher than just mount and run fast, i never see an official post about it, but you can find the information with content creators who have contact with Amazon Games.

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