Change my mind, because I'm really demotivated

Yeah i know i was the one that reported them.

Then you would understand that these are issues that need to be fixed.
I understand that seeing posts like this constantly isn’t great but its the only recourse players have considering that there isn’t a roadmap to tell the players what is being addressed or not.

in my opinion he words it pretty well, and you guys are just teaming on him, are you one of those pvpers by chance that groups up to kill low lvls that are flagged by accident? just curious

i didnt say they didn’t need to be fixed lol.

And you’re qualified how?

Well you aren’t being constructive by telling people not to talk about the issues or whining about people whining.
I get it. I really do, but you have the option to just not read this kind of thing.

Have you even looked at the “known Issues” area? Probably not. Most everything here that is repeated over and over and over IS being worked on by the Devs. It’s just that there are so many of them, it’s taking time.

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so if someone told you 1000 Times to do something would it make you do it faster then if they told you a few times? Or would it just be redundant and annoying? Yes I have to read it when I’m looking for developer updates and responses to issues the game is having lol. You are whining about people whining about people whining. Come on bruh :wink:


Actually, after reading this, I’m starting to think positive about the game again. [Notice] How Server/Client Authority is handled in New World

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do you really believe them ?
if the things they say are true, why they didn’t just remove the network block while the window is moving ?
why do you can duplicate items and gold by disconnect while trading if the transaction is done on server first ?
it doesnt make any sense to me. the communication with the community is horrible, extrem long patch/restart times every week and new game breaking bugs every week
did they say anything about played banned for bug using or something ? nope, feels free to use anything you like. this game lost - maybe amazon is going to put it into beta again xD

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Certainly feels strange the way that they represented it, but I can’t deny it either, maybe it’s the way that was explained, it feels as if the server is handling a ridiculously huge amount of information,(more than it should), on one part I do believe it, the reason for it is for example, in wars, when things get very laggy on objective, you can still move while everyone else around you is frozen, yet you can still move and hit people even tho you can’t see them and can also receive damage from invisible people, this basically means that the server is handling the info you are sending him, but either he can’t send you all the visual info around you, or you can’t take all that info because of internet speed(not everyone has gigabit internet after all) On the other hand there are the gold duplication exploits, but this I believe this is not on the client-side of things but on the server, on each game component not sharing currency information correctly, who knows, only AGS knows.

How ya feeling today? haha

Ugh but why do you people have to keep bringing up the same damn thing after you know it’s acknowledged and being worked on. You’re destroying morale.

If we don’t bring it up nothing will happen. The reason why useless things on the top right exist in our K bio profile is beyond people talked about it and now there is a thing there.

Discussing and at this point driving that this game has issues is the only way for things to get done. Things that matter in the game not useless things in K bio.

In 300+ hours I certainly have not gotten my monies worth. I have gotten a consistently broken game, that while fun, has still not been even remotely fixed.

AGS did that by releasing a broken pos game.

I have an idea, don’t comment on every post you find “redundant” and “pointless” and treat them as such and just ignore them.
People making multiple threads isn’t killing the game or even affecting how you play so get those briefs out of a bunch and keep reporting those bugs in your own threads.

I have an idea, don’t comment on every post you find that says “redundant” and “pointless” and just ignore such things. People making multiple comments on how redundant people’s whining is isn’t killing the game or even affecting how you play.

^^ you just don’t like what I have to say, go ahead and keep on telling us how much you hate the game you keep spending countless of hours in haha

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