Change Studded Stalker color (skin)

Hello, I come here on the forums for the second time to give a feed back about the new skins released just today.

The skins looks great, but one thing is really disturbing me and my friends : Studded Stalker’s color is blue-ish when Metal Raven’s color is grey/black, they both look great but they can’t be mixed to make great combinations.

I write today to ask if we can get a color change on Studded Stalker, to match Metal Raven’s color so we can do incredible mixes with both of them !

Thank you very much for reading me. In hope that this will be heard and changed.

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What we need is the ability to dye the skins we use. That would solve this issue and give us even more flexibility in how we dress our characters.


I agree! Being able to mix and match the skins would be great

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yes pleaseee

I agree.
I only want to use the helmet skin and I’m skipping on it because the blue just doesn’t work with the other gear I use and really I checked around for other skins I have and it just really doesn’t go with anything else.
A dark black would be perfect for it.

I agree. It’s absurd how you guys make such a great game and then rob us of cosmetics and transmogs. Most of the store skin items arent that great anyway tbh, and the fact that the dyes are set and cant be changed doesnt help. Either let us dye them ourselves, or adjust them yourself.
Heres an idea for dying store items: Make it harder and more expensive than dying normal gear, so people think twice before doing it. There can even be a cd or something. Put a nice price on it so it doesnt get abused, and let us do it. There, you even make more money this way.

UP, don’t let this die or i’m going to cry >.< uwu ;(