Change the company gold withdrawal ability or remove companies from owning towns

The ability of companies to withdraw gold for personal use needs to go. Companies do not need to set taxes and these companies should never be allowed to withdraw any funds for personal use.

This game mechanic was flawed from it’s inception. The AGS team can come up with some other way to artificially reward these pvp players. Town ownership should never have happened, the forts are the only thing the pvp players should own, fight for, and upkeep themselves.

With companies owning only forts, the companies can then have all company players in their invasions and PVE players can enjoy invasions in another instance without being kicked. Both PVE and pvp can upgrade via their boards or contributions as they see fit.

Companies taking taxes for personal gain has led to the large RMT companies ruining many servers with the AGS team turning a blind eye. Those thinking that RMT/Gold selling companies are not running a good portion of the towns on many servers are simply naïve.

The companies need to be put at the forts to defend territories, have no control over any taxes, and the companies need to contribute on their own for the fort upkeep and upgrades. the devs can artificially reward them with digitized gold from some other imaginary source of income, like maybe golden carrots, or gold filled rabbits understanding the creativity of the AGS team.

At the very least if the AGS team are unable to fix these ill thought out game mechanics the AGS team needs to shut off the ability for companies owning towns to ever access taxed gold or even set taxes in the first place. Taxes should be a baseline set by the devs, and Gold should be for upgrades only, never any personal usage as it is currently being abused by bad companies and RMT companies.

There are far more common sense game mechanics to “reward” companies without it being gold from players or the companies using gold from taxes for personal use.


i think it is already a bit to late ,after AGS gave companies the total bs millions of gold passive income with the house tax " relieve " for players and all companies at once made the house tax " extreme " ( since they all got the coin like it was a real extreme tax , not the 2 % one ) . At this point Everfalls and WWs in this game are not owned by players , they are owned by coin selling businesses . The dmg to economy with this going for so long is probably more than all the dupes combined .


Yes I agree the whole system gotta be reworked. Make settlement bank and add more stuff that they can do with that but not withdraw to players.


Have to say I agree with the OP.

Companies should never ever have had the ability top take the town coffer coin for themselves, it should be locked to the town and only available to pay for town upkeep and upgrades period.

I mean seriously they want this game to be economy driven and wont add vendors that buy and sell mats at reasonable coin prices yet they allow this huge trolling by companies to happen and think what…it will just sort itself out via wars…LOL


Came up with a system for a possible solution to this problem.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I suggested in another post that taxes withdrawn for personal use should be subject to heavy tax depending on how many territories the faction owns.

For example:
1 territory = 40%
2 territories = 50%
3 territories = 60%
Etc etc

At least this way there would be some reward for owning territory and there would be a catch up mechanic for factions with less territory.

I don’t like the idea of any taxes going to an individual company. It totally imbalances the game and destroys the markets. We are already seeing massive inflation and market manipulation that has ruined the game.

It might well be that it is too late. The amount of gold generated by taxes must be huge compared to the duping that was going on and Amazon said the duping was game breaking. It’s likely that the game is already broken and the millionaires will probably quit if they fix taxes.


Completely removing player influence over Settlements has many other benefits than just stopping RMT.

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This post DOES highlight the imbalance in the economy that territory owners have.

While it’s easy to point out the downsides lets not forget that territory owners are also the main drivers of the crafting economy and the reason crafters who roll god rolls are getting paid 6 figures on their rolls. Housing taxes are also currently generating gold out of thin air and that should hopefully come to a close soon but regardless the runaway snowball may be too late to contain. If you simply just change it as suggested you lock in that snowball almost indefinitely.


I wouldn’t say remove the ability to earn gold and use it for themselves. I think that’s legitimately the ONLY decent reward in the game for PvP atm. PvPers need some form of income as well. If anything I’d add methods that would allow sabotage or theft of those funds in the form of setting up hideouts in the territory that siphon gold, or trade caravans that need to be escorted and protected or can be freely looted.

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Taxation is killing the game! Open your eyes players! The 1% are manipulating the market and using taxed coin to rmt.

Wake up! Don’t stay naive and ignorant to what’s been going on due to taxation. It will only get worse!


that does sound like a nasty issue, we are in control of a settlement, we have our income from it. and we use it to upgrade workbenches, and at times we might even use it to buy a piece of gear thats just too good to leave it on the TP. As it increases our chances of defending it, if our members are geared properly. That said tho, the RMT farms yeah i can see that happening easily , and i bet my money on the Tradehubs (WW/EF/BW) to be the RMT farms as they easily bring in a million a week.

(the ability to withdraw money however should not be removed. That will litterly cut a company off from its own treasury wich is absurd. The RMTing farming company’s should be reported, investigated, and mass banned from the game. and not a stinky 24h ban , but perma ban. Because what happens if people get perma’d ? it will scare the majority from these practices, and a 24h ban while filling ur pockets irl is more like a “oh is that all?” , imagine getting 1 day jail for robbing a bank, hell id try it every other week mate :slight_smile: )

Im agree they should remove gold as reward , company’s shouldn’t recive gold as reward , there is no reason company recive gold as reward , they should change own towns controller reward to a kinda of buff , so they will work for thier gold , not sitting in the town and just by clicking a withdraw get alot of gold , for workbench repair and upgrade ags should change it to a kinda of mat which one find in pvp elements of game or invasion , so they will not complain , and RMT from company’s will be solved as well.

Right now which guild controll the town’s , don’t let random people’s join to invasion or warr , basicly they block this content by controlling towns. So most of people would not even able to do this content.

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Completely agreed. Have expressed a similar sentiment previously already as well. I get the feature, I understand where AGS was coming from. And on paper, sure, it sounds great. But in practice, it just doesn’t work. It’s a major driving factor on as to why I’ve seen multiple people driven away from the game sub 60. The system isn’t healthy for the game. And personally speaking, I see very little actual room for improvement here except from the removing of company gold withdrawal or settlement ownership entirely.

I generally agree with the OP. Right now the situation has gotten out of control. I really don’t know how AGS is going to be able to fix it, the economies and what’s been generated by the companies has already done substantial damage.

I do think the companies should get some personal benefit from owning the town, but not to the extent currently out there. Much of that is due to the temporary housing tax adjustment, which has really spiraled. Without that, I’m guessing the problem would still be bad, but not nearly as severe as it is now.

Some suggested short term changes:

  1. Remove the housing adjustment - immediately. Or go back in and lock the tax % for housing at a reasonable value to prevent the abuse (maxing the tax out).
  2. Reduce the range for taxes
  3. Make it easier for people to relocate homes. Suggest allowing homes to be “sold” (recoup some or all of the original purchase price) rather than just abandoned, so people can move to another town if a company abuses taxes.

Also, kind of related - any future merges should be done to fresh, empty servers. Merging into an existing server gives the companies on that server a tremendous advantage. This isn’t the cause of the toxic behavior, but it certainly doesn’t help.


@Kay @Luxendra

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The town owning is fine in my opinion but I feel that the amount of money you receive from the town should be vastly reduced. The money should stay in the town to be for taxes, upgrades, and buffs only and a smaller percent should be given to the owning party. I feel like there should not be situations where a small handful of players have access to 1mil+ in a week or less. There needs to be a way to spread it around, maybe to the faction as a whole.

Flag me daddy. Read my post above, as its the solution.

You can cap withdraw amount per week, or like someone said introduce taxes the more you withdraw. High taxes, like 70%+ after 100k withdraw.

well i kinda like the idea of owning a settlement. it feels like companies do impact the world.

But owning a settlement is a huge benefit with Zero responsibility. i would like something like a rebel system where players who doesn’t like how a settlement is managed, can rebel against it.

I don’t know if we can reach a good balance or desing on it but here some ideas on top of my head:

When you reach a certain rebel thershould, disadvantages start. maybe it’s an attack on that company’s treasury, maybe it is a lesser tax rate till they please their population in that settlement.

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