Change to patch frequency

Hey Team,

Over the last few months players have been sitting by waiting for fixes to all the bugs and issues in New World,

With Issues still on going, the community and I think its only fair you change how your patch process is happening

Patching one big patch once a month is not good enough for the player base, we are trying to sit tight and hope for the best from the next patch to fix issues, but its getting to much, honestly the core of the player base are waiting for the game to get more content or for a new game to pop up and take our attention,

Please consider doing more frequent patches for bugs, I know alot will complain about it, but at the end of the day you wont be losing players due to these bugs,

We understand patching comes with its down time, but scheduled weekly patches is better than waiting another month for a fix,

In regards to the PTR, testing the smaller patches on the PTR the week before patching to the live server gives time for the testing you still need to make sure it doesnt cause more issues

smaller patches has its benefits , one small change can have a large impact, doing smaller patches more often will help devs see the issues and whats causing them easier, rather than one big patch and having to comme through the whole code change to find that cause

please consider it - for the community

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working as intended bro

no need for patch lol


please pass to the Devs

Hi danielnz00, thanks for taking the time to post your feedback and wishes. I will get a feedback report sent up to the dev team so they can have a look. Have a wonderful day!

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