Changes I would love to see

1)reduce azoth costs for players under 60 by like 20%. Many times during my lvling stages I found myself unable to join my friends on some instant action because of it. OR give us a way to store more than 1k, so corruption runs are worth doing.
2)instance bosses should drop nice loot, comparable to the effort. Sucks finishing Lazarus/Genesis and then having to showoff with your 505 skinner’s hat…
3)tone down the Brutes in outpost rush. They roll that boulder every 10 seconds, they’re even annoying for the teams that spawn them imo
4)make the Bug/Exploit section of the forum private from regular users. We don’t need to see instructions on how to cheat more.
5)make players able to see what other people are catching during fishing. It would be hella fun to go finishing with my boys and have actual competitions.
6)add GMs on every server. When we report something we need, sometimes, to talk to an actual human being right there and then. Exposing cheaters would go a long way if actual GMs were here to watch.
7)remove the concept of companies holding territory, it made a LOT of people quit the game after they worked so hard to get and keep a settlement upgraded only to lose it to the current wave of exploits “meta”. Instead, have them occupy them temporarily for a buff of some kind, or discounts. As it is, we have companies transfering from other servers wreaking havoc, sploiting their way to complete map dominance and then putting taxes to extreme to annoy everyone. My company is half dead because of this and the former server we left(Bensalem) was destroyed, peak population is like 300, if that.
8)world events for players to attend. Spawn huge bosses with nice rewards, make it hard but not stupid with 30bil HP bars.

These off the top of my head. Anyone else agree with any of these?

This is general discussion not feedback.

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