Changes in Crafting/Gathering-the good stuff

Salvaging is your friend if you’re a crafter/gatherer.
All that *junky waste of time gear * is fodder for getting experience/materials in your crafting station if you get a good salvage. Scraps are your best friend.

Legendary gathering tools with the air/fire/soul/etc. alignment perks
Best improvement around for gathering. No more problems of fighting bots for motes. As a player i can chop basic trees, boulders, gather herbs and get motes.
Rah +1 .

Musical Instrument crafting change
Now you build the basic instrument, salvage it, and you get a musical salvage token to create higher level instruments - for the next level of instruments (along with some materials back).
That level token is needed for every instrument after apprentice-its bind on pickup.
So salvaging/buying instruments will be a thing in the future for those wanting to create instruments using marketplace. (i harvest/craft everything but thought to give you all a heads up)

No whines about rng, folks.
Not part of this topic.

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