Changes to containers and Scavenging skill

Some areas are large but have a really low container density. It makes mission such as Faction “find X items in containers” really tedious, such as in Brightwood, Karburg.
I propose a Scavenging skill that, like other gathering skills, gives you radar for nodes.

Materials such as flux and sandpaper are one of the main chokepoints for crafting and require tedious RNG container looting on top of already tedious amounts of materials harvesting.
I propose the Scavenging skill lets players get a chance at more and higher-tier drops of such materials compared to what you normally get based on zone level range.
Alternatively or in addition to this, a higher skill could result in a lower cooldown for how frequently you could loot a container. Special chests in Elite Zones and Expeditions excluded.

Provisioning containers are very RNG for the ingredients that don’t show up in other collectible ways, such as yeast or coconuts or oranges. But these show up in Provisioning Town Mission recipes in such quantities that it is unreasonable to actually complete them unless you’ve played the game for long enough to have scrounged up enough materials.

I propose that Provisioning containers give ONLY those materials that don’t have their own nodes.

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