Changes to the system of accumulating money for owning a city

I will describe my subjective vision of optimizing this system:

  1. Money from the city can now be used to improve machines, it is possible to bring in street musicians and some decorations that can be bought.
  2. So the city’s money can be used to win the invaders, hire NPCs who will help protect the gate from Sprigan (defenders magicians with an aura that reduces damage to buildings). They will just stand there, not dealing damage, but with the given aura.

You can also add a system of bonuses for the guild that owns the city, depending on the loyalty of people:
3) The popularity of resource processing machines. Will give a bonus to the extraction of resources for members of the company owning the city (the first level is 5%, the second - 10%, the third 15%).
4) Equipment crafting machines will give bonuses:
Armor and Jewelcrafting 6% protection from Corruption, the Evil Land, the Lost and the Ancients. The second level will add durability to the armor (less often they will require repair). Weapon machines (weaponry, arcana, engineering - will give an attack bonus correspondingly and durability to weapon slots).
5) Trading post bonus: first level - will give 10% of mining in the form of gold from mobs and bosses in the open world and dungeons. The second level will give 2.5% luck. 3rd - will give another 10% of gold production and another 2.5% of luck.

The levels of bonuses will depend on the amount spent on the machines, the trading post, for renting housing.
1 - level = from 50 to 199 thousand, 2 level - from 200 to 500 thousand. The third level - from 500 thousand. The bath buff is valid for a week, until the next cycle, or is updated after a siege if the city has changed its owner.


What about some free shelters for homeless people? :slight_smile:


Perhaps for those who helped repel the invasion :wink:

imo one of the major flaws of the game is how taxes go to a very very small % of players instead of being used to control inflation/deflation…

you are defiantly on the right track that owning a town should be perk based and not piggy bank based…


all that remains is to pass on these proposals to the development team :wink:
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It definitely needs to be reduced that companies use their earned taxes to buy stuff for their players. Of course, companies need to be rewarded for owning a town, but on some servers then these companies get too powerful, they buy all materials from the Ah and just craft their members the best stuff they can make in the game, and in wars, they have a massive advantage against the companies which don’t have a city. Of course, a little bit of the tax money should be free for whatever they want to do with it, but the rest should be capped and only be used for the city itself. At the moment the unbalance between companies that own a city and which don’t is crazy and doesn’t support the motivation of the companies without a city.

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A perk system would change my view on companies. As it stands, I see no reason to join a company, other than being scammed of my coins. I don’t want to own a settlement.

This game emulates what real world is like. In a real scenario if this was a reality it would be very similar for the money to go to the small %.

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Well, in my proposals, companies will receive PVE boosts and advantages on invasions. Also the ability to visually and musically decorate the city.

So it is better to leave so that they can buy all the resources on the server for money from taxes. . .

Have some PvP and PvE method of stealing those magical tax collections

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Well, in fact, invezhen and siege are such methods, but as practice has shown, they do not work properly.

If they were working correctly would they do the job?

I meant more obvious like a tax caravan to attack or mission board missions to chip away at those phat profits as they chip away at our gold…

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in my opinion, it is too difficult to implement and how will it differ from the usual siege of the city?
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I don’t know what you guys think land lords did with coin since the beginning of time. They upgrade the city (refining tables ect) and upkeep and the rest goes into their pockets.

My company owned windsward and everfall before server merges and we don’t own any territory now and it really doesn’t bother me. Eventually we will gear up to be on par or better and win territory back.

The average solo player wanted to rock the profession. Well, I immediately threw this idea out of my head, because the owners of cities can afford to buy orichalcum scrolls at 25 coins. You can say that you can collect resources on your own, but that’s not a task there are already people on duty who know the cooldowns and stand above every 3-4 veins.
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I can agree with moving settlement ownership towards a perk based system instead of a money based one. In a game where you can craft BiS gear with no gear sink it’s just not a good idea to give certain companies infinite money for owning one settlement. So they either make it much easier for attackers to win so that settlements get flipped regularly or you change the system entirely.


all that remains is for the moderators to pay attention to this topic.
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What do you mean? I get weekly payouts from my company lmao