Changes to the system of accumulating money for owning a city

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Why up? AGS does not gife a F about our feedback!

Edit: But yeah, I do the same mistake and still give feedback. lol

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Some of the rates you suggested may break the game economy (which already is stretched out due to playerbase decline). 5-10 percent increases is quite a lot of luck increase. It would make us all millionaires.

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Best thing to do is to completely remove player influence from Settlements.
So many issues and exploits can be instantly solved by doing this.

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what I said back then:
Company owning city should get double the upkeep to their treasury. For example, if upkeep is 50.000g then they will get 100.000g for themselves.

Then, the rest is divided between members of faction. If green is holding the city, gold will go to marauders. How much is decided by the participation in town quests and faction quests for that territory.

This will increase the overal participation if some other faction is trying to throw territory into conflict. RIght now, I could care less if Purple is trying to throw WW into war, cause I will get nothing from that, apart from some measly discounts.

Best thing is to see tryhards crying over the faction quest, that they need some help to do quests or whatever. Why should I care? There is 0 gain for me for that. No thank you

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Your idea is even better . . . . . . . .

Well, i guess we are all playing the game in order to escape the real world, not to get bothered by it even in our gaming time.

In the long term regardless of how much money a company or faction has, all players will eventually be on equal level in terms of gear, number of players, and eventually skill.

False, with each updates, new meta, buff and nerf, those players can just throw away the now useless gear and pick up new “meta” BIS gear in a matter of a week. While for normal player/company it will take months, when you finally catch up, meta changes again. They will always stay at the top, that’s why on most servers EF/WW are still controlled by the same company for ages. Gold is too powerfull atm. Like in real life, money is the sinews of war.

Those 2 points contradict each others : Yes only a set amount of people can wage war (50v50) so they still have their 50 geared up roster ready. You can’t outnumber them since it will still be 50v50. Reminder : the basics of war you need a ratio of 3:1 to have anychance of taking down defensive positions

They get stronger with gold, rolling for crafts. Thye don’t need the PVE, except for rolling dungeons by paying entrance with their gold.

That, i can’t agree with you more. I personnally never craft anything in EF/WW but idk, people are still narrow minded and keep living there for no reason at all except keeping those guilds fed.


the biggest issue is that company money is the same type of money circulating in the world and on the shop, it should be a separate type of money. You can convert coins into company tokens, but not viceversa, all city income comes as company tokens.


it’s nice remark

We need tax revenue adjustments.

I do think companies that win wars should be rewarded. I don’t expect the tax system to be removed. However it can be adjusted more frequently as to create fair gameplay and a better market.

Trading post made to a global market was a good idea but not enough. The wealth could be more spread to the other territories or faction.

There could be a cap for tax earned and the coin could be funnled elsewhere. There’s plenty of options for tuning the system but it does need to be tuned.

Yes humans will be humans and when opportunity presents itself people will jump on it. RMT would happen with or without the tax system. However funneling millions per week to one single player is the problem and literally gives them the coin to RTM.

:warning: Governors are making millions of coin per week.

Restitution is in order for all tax paid thus far.

Tax revenue creates inequality a drastic wealth gap slowing the economy.

Furthermore devaluates coin which in turn discredits time played.

Love the idea, bumped - please check this out

We still want to see a response from the moderators/developers that the topic has been seen! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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One of the main problems with the accumulation of money by some territories (everfall and windsward) is that many guilds that own them, sell this gold to gold sellers, making a profit.

AGS should:

  1. Put a revenue cap for some cities. Noin makes sense that everfall makes 1,500,000 gold a week. They are much more than what is needed to manage cities, make wars and more.

  2. Restrict the ability to use this money for purposes outside of city and guild management, ie: everything you upgrade from the city table, city bonuses and wars you wage. Using this money to give it to players allows these guilds to make real money by selling that gold to gold sellers or individual players.

I recommend amazon to inquire about the prices of gold in game, to understand how much profit there is. You have no idea how many players are selling gold in game to make real money. Whoever has everfall and does 1.5m a week, uses maybe 0.5m for his guild and sells 1m a week. 100k sells for about $ 150, so that’s $ 1,500 a week.


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